Secret Cinemas Prometheus-Screening

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Secret Cinema (deren Alien-Screening in Berlin ich damals besucht hatte und halb-begeistert war) haben in London eine Serie aufwändiger Prometheus-Screening veranstaltet, ich verfluche Fox für den Deutschlandstart im August und ich gehe nicht davon aus, dass Secret Cinema-Screenings zum Start des Films in Deutschland geplant sind (ich bin in der Mailingliste von SC und die hätten sich wenigstens schonmal kryptisch wegen irgendwas in Berlin oder sonstwo gemeldet), falls da was kommt, sage ich selbstredend Bescheid.

Most impressive of all was the warehouse’s transformation into a spaceship. Walls were painted white with maps of the ship’s emergency exits everywhere. Hypersleep chambers were laid out in the middle of the room. Loudspeakers droned the message, “Thank you for investing in a brighter future” on repeat. Labs with plants and biology experiments were around every other corner. The 195,000-square-foot space had been entirely changed, and we were given a couple of hours to roam the premises, order cocktails or eat at the space restaurant that was set up.

By the time a warning alarm sounded and the ship employees began ushering everyone into the three screening rooms, many were guessing the movie would be Prometheus. (It was.)

Secret Cinema: Where You Don’t Know the Movie Until You’re On Set (via MeFi), hier das offizielle Flickr-Set und hier zwei weitere.

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