Akira Project: Fanmade Live Action-Trailer


Das Akira Project arbeitet derzeit an einer Realverfilmung von Akira in Form eines Trailers und finanzieren das Vorhaben über IndieGoGo. Das Poster sieht schonmal okayish bis gut aus, was daraus wird, bleibt abzuwarten, bis jetzt hat mich noch jeder Fanfilm zu Akira enttäuscht.

 Youtube Direkttetsuo, via DJ Food

We are creating a live action fan trailer based on the renowned manga “Akira”. Ever since Kodansha first published the manga in 1982, Hollywood has been interested in adapting it into a feature film. In 2002, Warner Bros acquired the rights to the film and has tried four times to make production happen. Each effort was cancelled for various technical, budgetary and casting reasons; most recently in January 2011 with the story location moved from Neo-Tokyo to Neo-Manhattan.

We, as fans, felt like we ought to take a shot at making our own adaptation. A chance to stick as close to the source material as possible. A chance to do Akira Justice.