Dick Smith R.I.P.

Dick Smith, „Godfather of Makeup“, ist im stolzen Alter von 92 Jahren gestorben. Der Mann ist vor allem für seine Masken in Godfather und dem Exorzisten bekanntgeworden, für seine Verwandlung von Murray Abraham in den 73jährigen Antonio Salieri in Amadeus gewann er dann 1984 einen Oscar. Ich kenne den Mann vor allem für seine Arbeit in Altered States, Scanners und mit seinen Masken halbvergammelter Wasserleichen in Ghost Story hat er mir damals eine Scheißangst eingejagt. Sein DIY Handbook of Monster Makeup hatte ich vor hundert Jahren mal komplett bei Flickr hochgeladen. RIP Dick.

Dick Smith, the renowned “Godfather of Makeup”, has died aged 92. Smith was a legend in the field, pioneering an astonishing number of different techniques and trickery in-camera. He’s best known for his work on an impressive list of classics, including Taxi Driver, The Godfather, The Exorcist and Amadeus. Indeed, it’s a tribute to his talents that – The Exorcist aside – audiences often forget that these films had such extraordinary special effects and makeup, all hiding in plain sight.

Empire: Dick Smith Dies – The Godfather of Makeup has passed away

GIFs go wild

Neue Aktion von Guus Ter Beek und Tayfun Serier aka In-Return: „We take the world of GIFs to the city of London with our latest project ‘GIFs Go Wild’. We bring to the streets, GIFs from artists we love like Dain Fagerholm and Davidope […]. We got the chance to capture some great responses be sure to check out our film.“

Wir sind Weltmeister des Penis Enlargement

Laut Statistik der International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery lassen sich rund 8 von 100k Männern in Deutschland den Piephahn vergrößern, das ist mit einigem Abstand die globale Spitzenposition. Laut meinen Stats habe ich hier rund 300k Uniques im Monat. An die 24 Jungs da draußen: Viel Spaß mit dem neuen Spielzeug!

According to the latest data release by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), there were 2,786 operations estimated to have taken place in Europe’s biggest country – which is more than in any other nation. The organisation estimates that there were 15,414 of these operations performed worldwide so almost one in five of those seeking to add centimetres to their member were in Germany.

It is not a huge amount of German men deciding to have an intimate nip and tuck – it’s roughly eight out of every 100,000 adult males in the country. However, only Venezuela, where four out of every 100,000 adult males have a penis enlargement operation, comes anywhere near close to the German rate.

Guardian: Germany: the world’s capital of penis enlargement

Boko Haram ‘killed by Mystical Bees and Snakes possessed by Ghosts’:

Neulich haben die Hexen aus Nigeria den Mördern von Boko Haram den Krieg erklärt und anscheinend erzielen sie tatsächlich Erfolge: „Members of terror group Boko Haram have allegedly been arrested in Nigeria after fleeing a forest to escape deadly bites from ‘mystical bees’ and ‘mysterious snakes’. […] the captured insurgents claimed the creatures — possessed by ghosts — had killed many Boko Haram members. ‘We were told that the aggrieved people who had suffered from our deadly mission — including the ghosts of some of those we killed — are the ones turning into the snake and bees,’ one militant told Vanguard. ‘Our leaders fled, too.’“ (Danke Konrad!)

Peaches sold as sexy Butts


„Movin’ to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches.“ Soundtrack nach dem Klick: Gib mir den Rest, Baby…


Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Video‏

Hier das 2014er Cosplay-Video von der ComicCon, wie immer mit sensationell schlechtem Soundtrack. Meine Favorites sind immer noch der Ewok und Roger Rabbit.

Guardians of the Galaxy in Lego

Guardians of the Galaxy in Lego

Ich habe den Film ja bereits in einer Pressevorführung gesehen und wegen einer total sinnvollen Sperrfrist darf ich nichts darüber schreiben. Ich überlege aber ohnehin, mein Review in einen elaborierten Einzeiler mit folgenden Worten zu kippen: „SHUT THE FUCK UP…

Backwards Religious Nuts listening to Led Zeppelins Stairway to Heaven forwards

Backwards Religious Nuts listening to Led Zeppelins Stairway to Heaven forwards

Es ist ein bekanntes Hobby von religiösen Spinnern, Led Zeppelins Stairway To Heaven rückwärts zu hören und da satanische Botschaften reinzuinterpretieren. Der Mumpitz ergibt aber plötzlich sehr viel Sinn, wenn man das Rückwärts-Video wiederum rückwärts abspielt. Youtube: Backwards televangelists listening…

Fapworthy: Porn with Clickbait-Headlines

Tolle Clickbait-Parodie von Pornhub: Fapworthy. NSFW für Pornolinks, versteht sich von selbst.

- At 1 Minute I Laughed. At 2 Minutes I Cried. At 2 Minutes 10 Seconds I Ruined A Perfectly Good Pair of Sweatpants.
- She Thinks It’s A Normal Bus. Wait Until You See What Kind Of Bus It Really Is.
- What This Inspiring Single Mother Did To Pay The Rent Really Blew My Load.
- What These Young White Girls Do For A Black Man They Just Met Gives Me Hope.
- When A Patient Was In A Coma This Nurse Tried Something Drastic. It Worked, But Obamacare Doesn’t Cover It.
- These Men Told Her She Wouldn’t Be Able To Walk After This. They Were Wrong.

Fapworthy (via Death and Taxes)

Marijuana Cuisine at Hunter S. Thompsons House

Vice Munchies hat auf der Owl Farm in Hunter S. Thompsons Zuhause ein Marijuana-Diner veranstaltet, dort jede Menge Weed-Speisen verputzt und Joints dazu geraucht. Mit dabei unter anderem Thompsons Witwe und Gründer der National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Nice!

Pulling this off required first and foremost the permission and kind hospitality of Anita Thompson, Hunter Thompson’s widow, who resides at Owl Farm and keeps a close eye on her dearly departed husband’s literary legacy. Then, to handle the culinary and scientific feat of preparing a multi-course marijuana-infused meal of the highest order, we partnered Chef Chris Lanter of Aspen hotspot Cache Cache with cannabis-infusion expert Tamar Wise, former head of science at the world’s largest marijuana edibles company.

In all, we infused four different oils, using four different ganja strains, for use in four different preparations (three savory and one dessert), with a joint of each strain set aside for smoking.

Munchies: A Gourmet Weed Dinner At Hunter S. Thompson’s House (via Ronny)

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Whistles for Whistleblowers von Reporter ohne Grenzen

Schicke Aktion von Reporter ohne Grenzen: Whistleblower-Whistles für ‘nen guten Zweck.

Edward Snowden, Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning and Katharine Gun are just few examples of whistleblowers that recently have been wrongfully accused, threatened and persecuted for sounding the

alarm on wrongdoings and corruption that put their fellow human beings at risk. If whistleblowers and the reporters who work with them don’t receive protection, the future of investigative journalism and the freedom of information is in danger. But with your help there’s hope.

By purchasing a Whistle for Whistleblowers you’re supporting Reporters Without Borders in their work for the freedom of information.

Whistles for Whistleblowers (via Osocio)

Devil texts failed Exorcist:

Ein Exorzist hat bei der Teufelsaustreibung eines Mädchens versagt und jetzt kriegt er SMS’ von Dämonen: „Parish priest Father Marian Rajchel from Jaroslaw, a town in south-eastern Poland, said he started getting the texts after carrying out an exorcism on a teenage girl. But he said that the attempt to drive out the devil from the girl’s soul clearly failed, and that it was now using the teenager to attack him by using mobile phone messages.“

I don’t wanna be buried on a Space Semetary:

Memorial space flights for four-legged loved ones will start this fall by a Houston company that already sends human remains into space. Celestis Inc. on Wednesday announced Celestis Pets. Rockets carrying cremated remains of dogs and cats are touted as a way for owners to ‘celebrate the life of their pet.’“ (via Arbroath)

Happy 100th, Louis de Funès!

Happy 100th, Louis de Funès!

Louis de Funès wäre heute hundert Jahre alt geworden, herzlichen Glückwunsch, Keule!

Illegal Prime Numbers

[update] Ah, fuck, Repost. Damn.

Ich wusste, dass es „illegale“ Zahlen gibt, vor allem binäre Schreibweisen von Code, der DRMs umgeht oder Krypto-Keys beschreibt. Ich wusste allerdings nicht, dass es auch „illegale“ Primzahlen gibt, die erste wurde 2001 entdeckt und die binäre Schreibweise enthält Code für ein Code zum Knacken eines DVD-Kopierschutzes.

One of the earliest illegal prime numbers was generated in March 2001 by Phil Carmody. Its binary representation corresponds to a compressed version of the C source code of a computer program implementing the DeCSS decryption algorithm, which can be used by a computer to circumvent a DVD’s copy protection.

Hier die „illegale“ Zahl:

4 85650 78965 73978 29309 84189 46942 86137 70744 20873 51357 92401 96520 73668 69851 34010 47237 44696 87974 39926 11751 09737 77701 02744 75280 49058 83138 40375 49709 98790 96539 55227 01171 21570 25974 66699 32402 26834 59661 96060 34851 74249 77358 46851 88556 74570 25712 54749 99648 21941 84655 71008 41190 86259 71694 79707 99152 00486 67099 75923 59606 13207 25973 79799 36188 60631 69144 73588 30024 53369 72781 81391 47979 55513 39994 93948 82899 84691 78361 00182 59789 01031 60196 18350 34344 89568 70538 45208 53804 58424 15654 82488 93338 04747 58711 28339 59896 85223 25446 08408 97111 97712 76941 20795 86244 05471 61321 00500 64598 20176 96177 18094 78113 62200 27234 48272 24932 32595 47234 68800 29277 76497 90614 81298 40428 34572 01463 48968 54716 90823 54737 83566 19721 86224 96943 16227 16663 93905 54302 41564 73292 48552 48991 22573 94665 48627 14048 21171 38124 38821 77176 02984 12552 44647 44505 58346 28144 88335 63190 27253 19590 43928 38737 64073 91689 12579 24055 01562 08897 87163 37599 91078 87084 90815 90975 48019 28576 84519 88596 30532 38234 90558 09203 29996 03234 47114 07760 19847 16353 11617 13078 57608 48622 36370 28357 01049 61259 56818 46785 96533 31007 70179 91614 67447 25492 72833 48691 60006 47585 91746 27812 12690 07351 83092 41530 10630 28932 95665 84366 20008 00476 77896 79843 82090 79761 98594 93646 30938 05863 36721 46969 59750 27968 77120 57249 96666 98056 14533 82074 12031 59337 70309 94915 27469 18356 59376 21022 20068 12679 82734 45760 93802 03044 79122 77498 09179 55938 38712 10005 88766 68925 84487 00470 77255 24970 60444 65212 71304 04321 18261 01035 91186 47666 29638 58495 08744 84973 73476 86142 08805 29443.