Shaun Of The Dead Soundtrack on Vinyl


Mondo erstveröffentlicht den Soundtrack von Shaun of the Dead auf Vinyl mit Cover von Scalped-Zeichner Jock. Das Teil kommt am 7. Oktober, die limitierte Version gibt’s anscheinend nur auf der MondoCon.

Shrub-App Fingerpainting-Collages

Ich mach’ ja selten rum wegen irgendwelcher Apps oder sowas, dazu bin ich auch zu wenig Mobile User, aber Shrub hier sieht echt lustig aus und ich stehe sehr auf die Gesichtscollagenmutanten, die man damit machen kann. (via AnimalNY)

Harmontown – Neuer Trailer

Neuer Trailer zur Harmontown-Doku mit der Community-Cast, Jack Black und Sarah Silverman:

A kindred spirit to nerds everywhere, writer-comedian Dan Harmon has achieved celebrity via the hit series “Community,” but cut his teeth writing for shows such as “The Sarah Silverman Program” and the Jack Black/Ben Stiller pilot “Heat Vision and Jack.” After being fired from his signature creation, Harmon hits the road with his popular podcast and performs live for his cult-like fan base across the country. Known for his wit, cynicism, and disarming vulnerability, HARMONTOWN finds Harmon bathed in the adoration of his fans as he confronts his personal demons and comes out on the other side.

From acclaimed filmmaker Neil Berkeley (BEAUTY IS EMBARRASSING), and featuring past and present collaborators Sarah Silverman, Jack Black, Allison Brie, Joel McHale and many more, HARMONTOWN tells Harmon’s story with unabashed candor — showing his highs, his lows, and everything in-between.

Silk Road – The Series:

Gary Oldman wird für SpikeTV die Serie Deep Web über den Aufstieg und Fall von Dread Pirate Roberts und seine Silk Road produzieren, schreiben wird Scott Gold (Under The Dome, argh). Theoretisch könnte ein Mashup aus den Serien Silicon Valley und Breaking Bad ja super werden, praktisch bin ich mehr als skeptisch. Ein Film ist bereits seit letztem Jahr in Planung.

Written/executive produced by Scott Gold (Under The Dome), the project, which I hear has a significant penalty attached to it, is inspired by TIME Magazine’s 2013 cover story on the Silk Road online marketplace. It chronicles the saga of an ambitious computer aficionado in Silicon Valley who, with the help of his friends, evolves into an internet underworld crime boss fueled by a web portal where one can buy anything ­ from a kidney to cocaine to a rocket-launcher. As his empire grows beyond borders and government regulation, he becomes the one of the most wanted men on Earth.

Spike Buys Illegal Online Marketplace Drama From Tony Krantz & Gary Oldman

Clever Anamorphic Typo-Loop-Sculpture

Clever Anamorphic Typo-Loop-Sculpture

Hübsches Ding von Craig Winslow: Build The Future ist ein anamorphes Multi-Typo-Skulpturen-Dingsbums mit einer loopenden Endlos-Botschaft im Kreis. Mit solchem Motivational-Quote-Crap kann man mich ja wirklich jagen, aber das hier ist clever. Runde Sache, sozusagen. (via Creators Project)

Giant Painted Garbage-Insect-Streetart

Bordalo Segundo baut riesige Insekten und anderes Gezeuch aus Müll von der Straße und malt die bunt an. Hübsch! (via Colossal)

Kids-Metaller Unlocking The Truth @ Stephen Colbert

Meine Lieblingskids von Unlocking The Truth bei Colbert gestern Nacht (in glorious 360p, yuck). Ihre Debut-EP Free As You Wanna be habe ich mir hier grade vorbestellt. „You guys play Metal. And you play it hard!“ \m/

Smart Mice from human Brain-DNA

brainWissenschaftler haben ein menschliches Sprach-Gen in Mäuse verpflanzt und die wurden prompt schlauer. „Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?“ – „The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!“

In an experiment that could explain the origin of the maniacal mouse in “Pinky and the Brain,” researchers spliced a human brain gene into lab mice, and it made them smarter.

These mice aren’t taking over the world any time soon, but they are certainly adept at getting through mazes. Mice genetically modified to carry a human gene associated with speech and language, called Foxp2, learned how to find a reward in a maze significantly faster than normal mice.

Mice Become Smarter With Addition of Single Human Gene

Tramadol in Trees from poisoned Cow-Shit

tram01Letztes Jahr hat man in einer Baum-Spezies in Kamerun scheinbar natürlich vorkommendes Tramadol gefunden, dass sich aus den Wurzeln extrahieren ließ. Tramadol ist ein synthetisch hergestelltes, härteres Schmerzmittel, und die Wissenschaftler haben sich eine Weile am Kopf gekratzt. Jetzt haben sie herausgefunden, dass sich genau in dieser Gegend Kameruns eine „Tramadol-Arbeits-Kultur“ herausgebildet hat, in der die Farmer die Pillen haufenweise fressen und das Zeug an ihre Tiere verfüttern. Und die kacken im Schatten der Bäume, die den Stoff wiederum absorbieren.

The farmers, who have to work throughout the day under the sun in extremely high temperatures, buy tramadol from the local market or from local street sellers (twelve pills cost less than one Euro). They consume around two to three pills, which is much higher than the daily recommended dosage, with their morning cup of tea. They report that this allows them to work all day without feeling tired.

Tramadol is further fed to cattle (but not to goats and sheep) as capsules when working them in their farms (as draft animals) so that the animals do not get tired quickly. As a consequence of the high day temperatures and the strong sun, the farm animals often choose the shade of trees to relax and also excrete their urine and feces.

Mit anderen Worten: Die Pharma-Industrie scheißt riesige Mengen billigen Tramadols auf Kamerun, dort bildet sich eine Abhängigkeits-Kultur um den Stoff, der daraufhin sogar in den Wurzeln der Vegetation landet. Oh the humanity.

First Star-Within-Star Found: Siamese Solar System

sunWissenschaftler haben das erste sogenannte Thorne–Żytkow Object gefunden, ein Stern-im-Stern-System, das aus einem ehemaligen Doppelstern-System entstand und in dem ein Neutronenstern von einem roten Riesen absorbiert wurde. Das ist praktisch wie galaktische parasitäre Siamesische Zwillinge, nur in bisschen größer, heißer und Spaaaaaaaace.

Originally predicted in the 1970s, the first non-theoretical TZO was likely found earlier this year, based on calculations presented in a paper forthcoming in MNRAS.

TZOs were predicted by astronomer Kip Thorne and Anna Żytkow, who was then postdoctoral fellow at CalTech. The pair imagined what might happen if a neutron star in a binary system merged with its partner red supergiant. This wouldn’t be like two average stars merging. Neutron stars are the ancient remnants of stars that grew too big and exploded. Their cores remain small—about 12.5 miles—as they shed material out into space. Red supergiants are the largest stars in the galaxy with radii up to 800 times that of our sun, but they aren’t dense.

Astronomers Found a Star Inside a Star, 40 Years After It Was First Theorized (via /.)

In other Space News: Die NASA hat ihr bemanntes Raumfahrtprogramm wieder angeschaltet, Boeing und SpaceX sollen bis 2017 ein Space Taxi zur ISS bauen, während sich die NASA selbst auf Flüge über die Umlaufbahn des Mondes hinaus konzentrieren will.

AutocompleteMe Plugin:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-17 um 03.50.17AutocompleteMe is a Chrome browser extension by Benjamin Gaulon that automatically googles random stuff when Chrome is idle for more than 1 minute. The software detects when the browser is idle, opens a new tab and starts typing random searches showing you funny autocomplete suggestions.“

Rush Hour Traffic-Pattern

Rush Hour Traffic-Pattern

Netter neuer Clip von Fernando Livschitz mit fiesen Traffic-Pattern. (via Colossal) Vorher auf Nerdcore: Toy-Bots in Buenos Aires New York City Rollercoaster Planes on the Streets of Buenos Aires

Kid naming Fonts

Kid naming Fonts

Ich hatte ja irgendwann so ab 10 angefangen, Schriften auseinanderzuhalten und habe mit 12 Helvetica skizziert. So fit wie die Kleine hier war ich da noch lange nicht (die kennt mit 3 die Meta!), dafür aber dreimal so alt. Impressive,…

3D-printed Letterpress Font


Das Londoner Typostudio A2-Type und die Druckerei New North Press haben den ersten 3D-gedruckten Font in Hochdruck-Lettern ausgegeben und damit ein paar schicke Typo-Poster hergestellt. Nice!

In researching the font’s design, Kubel and partner Scott Williams studied décor active wood type, including eighteenth-century examples of shaded, chiseled and chromatic fonts, as well as early attempts at rendering depth and three dimensions, before working on a more contemporary design. […]

The final font was printed using ‘polyjet’ printing, which is similar to inkjet, but instead uses a liquid photopolymer. The machine drops a layer [of the photopolymer], then the bed drops, then another layer is laid on top, and so on, while a UV light cures it at each stage. “In the film, we’ve done a time-lapse so it looks really fast, but there’s about 400 layers in a 3mm plate, and it was mesmerising to sit there and watch,” adds Ardagh. “A bed of eight characters took roughly two hours and 15 minutes to 3D print,” he adds.

Creative Review: A2 & New North Press’ 3D-printed letterpress font

Rhinoceros Beetle Gummy-Larvae


Akai Tento no Koohii Ten (The Red Tent Coffee Shop) in einem Kaff in Aomori im Norden Japans machen superrealistische Gummibärchen-Larven. Die vom Nashornkäfer sind der Knaller.

The Kabutomushi Youchuu Gumi (rhinoceros beetle larvae) pictured [above], for example, are made with a realistic-looking blueberry jam-flavoured “innards” that can be squeezed out of their pale white bodies, which themselves are said to taste like popular yogurt-flavoured soft drink Calpis.

Rocketnews: A tiny coffee stand in Japan is selling some of the most lifelike gummy bugs we’ve ever seen