Doraemon at the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympic Games

 Vimeo Direktakira, via MeFi

Neo-Tokyo is about to E-X-P-L-O-D-E!

a= Tokyo’s bid committee for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games appointed Fujiko F. Fujio ‘s famous robot cat Doraemon as a special ambassador.
b= Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga Akira predicted the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games way back in 1982.
a+b= I had to make this video.

Junge Union Poster-Meme

Die Junge Union hat sich dieser Tage mal wieder vollständig zum Horst gemacht und bedankt sich artig für die Räumung des Flüchtlingscamps am Oranienplatz, wo sie für 550 Tage lang protestiert haben.

Die gute @mykke_ hat das Poster jetzt endlich vom eklig-konservativen Law&Order-Müll befreit, daraus habe ich grade ein Photoshop-Template mit Masken und Schnickschnack gebastelt: (8,5MB). Ein Tumblr gibt’s auch schon (Danke Jay!), die Shops könnt Ihr dann an schicken. Enttäuscht mich nicht und lasst sie Kuchen fressen, bis sie platzen. Haut rein!

[update] Hier ein weiteres Tumblr: Die Familie JUschild.

We Will Live Again: Mini-Doc about Cryonics

 Vimeo Direktkryo

Tolle und auf so ‘ne retrofuturistische Art auch sehr tragische Minidoku von Brooklyn Underground über Kryonik, die Konservierung von gestorbenen Körpern – die haben auch einen Behälter für Hunde und Katzen – in flüssigem Stickstoff.

We Will Live Again looks at the unusual and extraordinary operations of the Cryonics Institute. Follow Ben Best and Andy Zawacki as they maintain the ninety-nine deceased human bodies stored at below-freezing temperatures in cryopreservation. Meanwhile, cryonics movement founder Robert Ettinger, long-retired from overseeing operations at the Institute, still lives nearby, self-publishing books on cryonics, awaiting the end of this life and eagerly anticipating the next.

Vorher auf Nerdcore:
Cryonic Photography by Murray Ballard: The Prospect of Immortality

Bio-Computer created inside Cockroach with Nano-Bots

Wissenschaftler haben Logic Gates (AND, OR, NOT etc, die Grundbausteine von Prozessoren) mit Nano-Bots (DNA-Stränge, die auf bestimmte Proteine reagieren) in einer Kakerlake nachgebaut und arbeiten nun daran, das ganze zu einem 8-Bit-DNA-Biorechner hochzuskalieren, der einem C64 gleicht. RUN, COCKROACH! RUN!

The Team […] injected various kinds of nanobots into cockroaches. Because the nanobots are labelled with fluorescent markers, the researchers can follow them and analyse how different robot combinations affect where substances are delivered. The team says the accuracy of delivery and control of the nanobots is equivalent to a computer system. “This is the first time that biological therapy has been able to match how a computer processor works,” says co-author Ido Bachelet of the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials at Bar Ilan University. […]

The number of nanobots in the study – more than in previous experiments – makes it particularly promising, says Bachelet. “The higher the number of robots present, the more complex the decisions and actions that can be achieved. If you reach a certain threshold of capability, you can perform any kind of computation. In this case, we have gone past that threshold,” he says.

The team says it should be possible to scale up the computing power in the cockroach to that of an 8-bit computer, equivalent to a Commodore 64 or Atari 800 from the 1980s. Goni-Moreno agrees that this is feasible. “The mechanism seems easy to scale up so the complexity of the computations will soon become higher,” he says.

DNA nanobots deliver drugs in living cockroaches (Bild via Shutterstock)

Multimillion Dollar Camping-Van

Das hier ist Bran Ferrens (FX für Altered States, Little Shop of Horrors und Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Multitouch-Pionier, Präsi von Walt Disney Imagineering etc) Campingwagen. Das Teil hat nur drölf Millionen Dollar gekostet und mit dem Ding und seiner vierjährigen Tochter will er nun um die Welt fahren. Und ich hab mich damals mit dem Standard-Campingdings und dem Odenwald zufrieden gegeben.

Ferren and his team have gutted most of the original [Unimog] equipment, leaving only the steering wheel and a few smaller components. Among their numerous additions are a series of custom-made, overhead- and dash-mounted touchscreen cockpit displays, which monitor the vehicle’s health and navigational progress; a joystick-operated situational-awareness system, which allows passengers to see the view from any one of the vehicles’ 22 cameras and provides infrared thermal imagery of the road’s temperature; and an emergency-beacon locator-transmitter, which goes off automatically in case of an accident—if, say, the vehicle flips over. (With his radio direction-finder subsystem, Ferren can also track nearby vehicles that might be in trouble.)

There’s more: A joystick for the truck’s hydro-drive system, for switching from four-wheel drive to six-wheel drive. Passenger-side display units that allow riders to monitor everything from tire air pressure to battery problems. And a communications system that turns the vehicle into a mobile command base and allows Ferren to communicate and coordinate with nearby aircraft. “It’s basically as if we’re an airplane, just stuck to the ground,” he says. Every form of communication imaginable is on the truck—from walkie-talkies to UHF radios to high-powered GPS systems. “I always want to know where I am,” Ferren says. The KiraVan can send emails from under a triple-canopy rain forest.

The Most Insane Truck Ever Built and the 4-Year-Old Who Commands It

Where have all the Wildlings gone:

„An updated graphic Tribute to Game of Thrones“ (vom selben Menschen, der schon die interaktive True Detective-Infografik gebastelt hatte). (via Felix)

Russian Activists detained for „Invisible Posters“:

„Six activists have been detained near the Kremlin in Moscow for holding ‘invisible posters‘ and calling for the release of other protesters detained earlier, it appears.“

Sk8 of Thrones

 Youtube Direktsk8

Bush painted Google Images

Bush hat offensichtlich alle seine „Gemälde“ von den allerersten Ergebnissen von Google Images abgemalt. Der Mann ist nicht nur Kriegsverbrecher, sondern auch ein grandios fauler Sack.

[Bushs Paintings] are the art of our time. The art of the 21st century. The art of the Bush Era and the Global War on Terror that made him famous. And for many who care deeply about art, that is very depressing. And damning. We yearn for art’s relevance in our society, for art to have an impact on our culture. We want people to experience art and to feel it’s important. Unfortunately, George Bush’s paintings accomplish all those missions. They’re the newsiest paintings to come along since George Zimmerman’s eBay auction.

Bush and his paintings grab the media spotlight just as reporters are gaining traction in the years-long struggle to account for the criminality and deception of Bush & Cheney’s CIA torture regime. The 6000+ page Senate report on the CIA, and the CIA’s own equally damning first account of itself, plus its responses, plus vast amounts of documentation of torture practices, are slowly moving toward declassification. Leaks are starting to emerge. Official facts are starting to be documented. The practices that continue to poison US courts, treaties, military & foreign policy, and intelligence, are finally coming into sharper view–and the man responsible for it all is successfully fending off his reckoning with a paintbrush.

Greg Allen: Art Of The Bush School

SFW Bubble-Porn

 Youtube Direktbubbles

Basiert auf demselben Prinzip, wie das sechs Jahre alte SFW-Porn-Commercial, aber es hat… Bubbles.

Windows XP Blue Screen of Death x Disneys Frozen

(via Alex)


 Vimeo Direktdysco

Von Simon Russell: „[Dysco is] kind of experimental, it’s set in the near future and is about synesthetic neon-dubstep shapes in a surveillance state.“

Gay Doppelgänger Lovers:

Totally not sure about this, but hey… who am I to judge and Love is Love alright: „BOYFRIENDTWIN – Because what’s sexier than dating yourself?“ (via Dangerous Minds)

There’s a knotted Rope in my Urethra, yay!:

I don’t even…: „A middle-aged man in China had a skipping rope successfully removed from his bladder and urethra after he had inserted it for sexual pleasure. A urologist surnamed Dong in Yichang City, Hubei Province, said the surgery was complicated because the green plastic skipping rope had knotted. The skipping rope was 1.1-metres long and 4.4-millimetres thick.“

We Are the Best! – Trailer

Ganz wunderbarer Trailer zum schwedischen Film We Are The Best! um eine Bande von Mädchen, die ihre eigene Punk-Band gründen. Sieht besser aus, als alles, was derzeit aus Hollywood kommt.

 Youtube Direktpunk, via /Film

From Swedish master Lukas Moodysson, We are the Best! revolves around three girls in 1980s Stockholm who decide to form a punk banddespite not having any instruments and being told by everyone that punk is dead. Based on a graphic novel, We are the Best! is a paean to DIY culture and the power of rebellion.