1 Hour of Birds in 1 Minute

1 Hour of Birds in 1 Minute

Von Vimeo: „Filmed an hour of footage from my window then used the sky as a blue screen to composite all the birds that flew past.“ (via Creators Project) Vorher auf Nerdcore: San Diegos Traffic sorted by Color 5Hrs Airport-Landings…


Dude slaps Stachelschwein

Das hat man davon, wenn man ein Stachelschwein mit einem Opossum verwechselt: „After confusing a porcupine with an opossum, Antonio Rodrigues Mororó, 50, from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was left with almost 400 porcupine quills stuck in his hand.“


Giant Moth Invasion in Singapore

Hey Moths, whassup? Swarms of giant moths have descended on Malaysia, invading homes and even disrupting a national football match. Thousands of the furry insects, with a wing span of up to 16cm (6in), interrupted a semi-finals match at the…


Eldar Zakirovs Classy Cats

Großartige Katzenbilder von Eldar Zakirov für’s Hermitage Magazine.


The Raven

Ich hab’ mich ein bisschen in diesen Raben verguckt. Heute morgen gepostet auf den Tweeties von @Grave_Matters, ein Sideprojekt von Chirurgeons Apprentice, ein Blog über mittelalterliche Medizin, das ich hier schon öfter verlinkt hatte. Auf Facebook schrieb ich in einen…


How To make Octopus-Hair

Von Deviant-Artist Deeed (via Boing Boing), Making Of nach dem Klick:

Moveable Lobster made from Wood

Moveable Lobster made from Wood

Ryosuke Ohtake aus Japan schnitzt Viecher aus Holz, eine japanische Spielart der Bildhauerei namens Jizai Okimono, und sein Meisterstück bislang dürfte dieser Krebs aus beweglichen Einzelteilen sein. (via Colossal)


Swarm of Bees attack Family in Beeville

Seriously Bees, whazzup? Hundreds of bees went on attack Friday morning, terrorizing one Beeville family and sending a man to the hospital emergency room. “This is the largest bee swarm I have ever seen, with the most injuries, and there’s…


Elephant Selfie

Then this happened: „A safari park elephant took a selfie on a visitor’s phone when he dropped it, it has been claimed. Scott Brierley, 23, said he found a photo of African elephant Latabe on his phone after it was…

Herrings communicate by Farting

TIL: Heringe kommunizieren mit Fürzen.


20 Million Bees swarm on Highway

No, seriously, Bees? Whazzup? Local beekeepers kept busy throughout the night as they corralled millions of bees that swarmed a ramp on I-95 after a tractor-trailer crash in Delaware on Tuesday evening. The big rig, which was holding about 20…

Rats on Turntables

Rats on Turntables

Eigentlich „Nager auf Plattenspieler“, aber ich mag das Wort „Rats“ sehr viel lieber als „Nager“ oder „Rodents“ und überhaupt: Die Deathmetal-Ratte! \m/ Von Vimeo: „One of the films we made to play as pre-show entertainment at hundreds of Live Nation…

Lucky The Parrot has a good Time in the Caribbean

Lucky The Parrot has a good Time in the Caribbean

„Gonna get ya, whoohoo!“ Youtube: Meet Our Grey Parrot “Lucky” Living on a Sailboat in the Caribbean!


Mosquito Feeding Orgy

Von Alex Wild auf GooglePlus: „Laboratory mosquitoes have to eat, too! Here, Rockefeller University’s Emily Dennis feeds her study subjects, Aedes aegypti. In the wild this species transmits yellow fever, dengue, and chikungunya, but lab mosquitoes are clean.“ Hier der…


Dog Asshole Curry

From Japan with Love: „柴尻カレー♡“. Und wer macht jetzt das unvermeidliche Goatse-Curry? (via Kotaku) Vorher auf Nerdcore: Butthole Covers for your Cats and Dogs Jesus spottet on Dogs Asshole