Xbox-Controller Hashpipe

You got your problems, I got my fucking Xbox with an integrated Hashpipe-Mod, suitable for every last Task in my Quest-Queue. Come on and kick me! HA! (Ebaums Direktpipe, via KFMW)


Home is where the Nerds are…

Ich liebe liebe liebe dieses Videogame-Controler-Only-Regal (vergesst einfach die paar Games da unten) und dann noch die wortwörtliche Krönung mit dem gestickten „Home is where the Controler is“… wunderbar! Und dann noch diese wundervolle Headline: […]


Giant NES Controller Table: Fun and Functional!

Kyle Downes of Ultra Awesome blog made a giant NES controller coffee table/storage place. What’s so neat about it is that the controller actually works! (Imagine hitting a 3.5 inch / 90 mm wide A […]