Fitter, happier, more productive!

Oh good! „Bad news for those who love a good lie in: a new study finds that people who get out of bed by 7 a.m., on average, do better in the workplace and have […]

Currywurstlabyrinth teaches Wurst Risks: Its a giant Labyrinth that looks like Wurst!

That’s what it is! Knallerheadline auf Reuters für Wurstfreunde: „Curry sausage maze to teach wurst risks: German officials have created a labyrinth in the shape of a giant sausage to help people learn about the […]

RC-Poo hunts in London

(Youtube Direktpoo, via Copyranter) Schöne Aktion für das Projekt „Dig Toilets – Not Graves“ von Water Aid. 2.6 billion people worldwide live without toilets. So they have to go wherever they can. Poo is everywhere, […]